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The Paronella park history goes back to Jose Paronella’s dream where he chose a special part of Australia to create the Paronella Park. He built his castle beside Mena Creek Falls, on 5 hectares of land. There is a picnic area by the fall, bridges, a tunnel, tennis courts and an amazing range of 7500 tropical plants and trees. Jose harnessed the waterfall for electricity purposes. It opened to the public in1935 and today it is a tourist spot where people marvel at the achievements of one single man.

With a guided tour you will get to know extraordinary stories about the castle, darkness falls and hydroelectric power. With your admission to the park, you would also be given a souvenir guide book, food for the resident turtles and fish, a bookmark and a site for a night in the van park. It is a perfect place for a family outing along with your kids. The place is full of greenery and peace where you are guaranteed to enjoy the time. Along with the refreshing experience, also get to learn about history and the life of Jose Paronella.

History Of Paronella Park

The history of Paronella Park is divided into 4 categories : Official opening to the public , Planting of 7000 trees, passing away of Jose and a new era by Mark and Judy Evans. The Paronella Park was opened to the public from 1935 and people flocked to his place to witness the unique creation of Jose. Learn more about the course of history below, divided in 4 different segments.

Official Opening To The Public

The Park was officially opened in 1935 to the public. Every Saturday the theater showed movies and with the chairs removed, the place became an ideal place for dances and parties. One of the most unique features was the myriad reflectors. A ball covered with 1270 tiny mirrors was suspended from the ceiling. Around the mid 60s, it ceased to be a theater and it was completely turned into a Hall devoted to weddings and functions.

There was a projection room just above the refreshment rooms and after another flight of stairs was the Paronella Museum. The museum mainly consisted of dolls, coins, pistols and samples of North Queensland tibers. The lower tea Gardens and swimming pool were popular even at that time.

Upwards Of 7000 Trees Were Planted

José planted inside the vicinity of 7000 trees. Among them were the majestic Kauris that line Kauri Avenue. A little slope was cut through by a tunnel. The lovely stonework balconies sit above its entrances. To Teresa Falls, which is spring-fed and bears his daughter's name, you must pass through this area.

The brook is surrounded by rocks and is crossed by a few little bridges. There is constantly the sound of water because certain areas have rock cascades. The Hydro Electric generating plant, the first in North Queensland, was established in 1933 and provided power to the entire Park.

Disaster struck in 1946 and a section of bush had been cut upstream of the park, and the branches and logs had been dumped into the creek.

End Of An Era José's Passing

José passed away from cancer in 1948, leaving Margarita, Teresa, and Joe to carry on. Teresa finally got married and relocated to Brisbane with her husband. Joe and Val had two kids, Joe (José) and Kerry, after getting married in 1952.

There was always plenty of work due to renovations and upkeep, and the floods in 1967, 1972, and 1974 increased the workload.Margarita passed away in 1967, and Joe passed away in 1972, leaving Val and the two boys to carry on the heritage of steadfast effort and maintain the dreams.

Sadly, a fire destroyed the Castle in 1979, and the Park was sold out of the family in 1977. The Park was temporarily off limits to the public.

A New Era Of Mark And Judy Evans

The Park's current owners and operators, Mark and Judy Evans, bought it in 1993 and came up with a strategy to revive it. They treat the Paronella park history as a work of art and focus on preservation and upkeep rather than reconstruction. The Museum, an ongoing effort, has seen a few minor restoration projects completed as well as unearthed and improved paths.

The arduous undertaking to rebuild the historic hydroelectric system of Paronella Park from the 1930s was finished in November 2009. The system once more meets all of the Park's electrical needs for a cost of $450,000. As José envisioned, Paronella Park continues to serve as a public amenity area where people may enjoy themselves while hosting social events, particularly

Paronella Park History FAQs

How old is Paronella Park?

Paronella bought the land in 1929 and the park was built in 1930 which makes it more than 9 years old today.

How long did it take to build the Paronella Park entirely?

The park was entirely built in 5 years, from the time it was bought till it was open to the public. However, even today new features are being introduced to the park to enhance its overall experience.

What is special about Paronella Park?

Jose’s vision of Parenolla and his entire creation of the scenic and natural beauty of the park is what makes the park so special. Among other things, the Hydro Electric Plant installed by Paronella is an eye-catching attraction in the park.

What is the best time to visit Paronella Park?

The nighttime atmosphere of Paronella Park is considered to be the best time to visit Paronella Park. Flood lighting illuminates the park, producing a dramatic effect that makes for amazing photography.

Where is Paronella Park is Located?

Paronella Park is located 120 kilometers south of Cairns in Queensland, Australia, at Mena Creek, lies the heritage-listed tourist destination.

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